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graphic design


I can design brochures, business cards, flyers, CD covers – anything, really –  by extracting the essence of your ideas and give it my own unique ‘spin’ as I massage and manipulate them through my intuition until we have a physical manifestation of our vision. I am especially in tune with the areas of Music, Dance, Festivals, Spirituality, Environment, Nature, People and Technology and my style of art and expression reflects this.


SUNGODDESS merchandiseI can help you design and establish your own store at one of the many print-on-demand sites, creating a professional on-line identity for your business, band, organisation, or your personal artistic output.

Visit my shops to see some examples of what you could do with your event, organisation or project. I can also do co-branding – your name on my art – or you might like to buy some of my art or promote my art to sell and make money for yourself!

web design & services


I see myself more as a website ‘interior decorator’ rather than a website ‘builder’. That is my speciality, making a simple site stand out with my unique blend of image manipulation and graphic design. Starting from an empty Blogger, Tumblr or WordPress website shell, I can design and populate your website to a highly-polished standard quickly. I specialise for those on a tight budget and can also show you how to utilize the many free sites and services available on the net.

You can also see me about domain name registration, hosting & server requirements and all related web matters. I offer managed and self service packages.

event photography

Soulclipse Memories

My passion for event photography began with a small community newspaper in rural Queensland over a decade ago, and exploded when I discovered the arts & dance music scenes after my move to Sydney. My ‘Webgrrl’ persona became an in-demand fixture at music festivals, and in 2001 to showcase my photography I launched which now gets over 20,000 hits per day during the Australian summer!

“My speciality is capturing that split second moment and turning it into vivid, energized images.”

High resolution images are available for purchase in many formats and options, both hard copy or in digital form for use in publications, websites and promotions. Low resolution images from events I attend are available for public viewing at

stock images

sunset @blackrock (2003)I have a large library of images – a decade’s worth! from photographing dance events, including outdoor events, laser lights, dancing people, night clubbing themes, eco-friendliness, musical performances, and lots of happy people from all ages and cultures. I also have other general photographs such as sunsets, nature, flowers, animal and macro work.

Ask me, if I dont have it, I can often find what you want through the network of people I know who have the same type of topics & genres as me. I might be able to help another passionate artist and you, at the same time!

book designer

This is a new and recent addition into my business, Making Books! I am an official BLURB bookmaker and designer. So talk to me about your photo and special occassion book ideas. Visit me at