New Neck Tie Designs inc All over printing


The newest products released at Zazzle recently, that I want to make a mention – and pretty excited about. First its the range of the new neck tie designs. Yes we have had custom printed ties before (and still do) – but these ones are printed all over! So no more white, non printed fabric showing up when tie is blowing in the wind or not hanging perfectly. Also these digitally printed ties comes in 3 width sizes and best of all, handmade in Australia!

MonoMax Black+White Pattern Optical Swirl Neck Tie
Black and White Tri-Angle Pattern Neck Tie

Black andWhite Pattern
Optical Swirl Neck Tie

Black and white swirl dimensional textile pattern custom necktie

Black and White Tri-Angle
Pattern Neck Tie

Black and white angled swirl dimensional textile pattern tie

Available in 3 different widths: skinny, medium and wide.

  • Dimension: 7 cm at the widest point
    (roughly 2.7 inches).
  • Made from vibrant digitally printed polyester blend.
  • Handmade in Australia.
  • Dry clean only.
  • No minimum orders.

Here are some helpful links found online that can help those of you wanting to get more info about the world of ties, how-to knot  and which tie to wear and more. Some of the links also have full instructional Youtube videos to show you how to put on a tie, how to knot a tie and I also spotted some How to tie a bow tie too. Plenty to keep you informed (and busy!)


White Tribal Magic Pattern Tie
Floral geometry amazing energy pure white aura custom necktie

Chromaz Monotone Black Chrome Pattern Tie

Chromaz Black Chrome Pattern Tie
Textile pattern custom necktie designed with minimal colours of  black, shades of gray which looks a little bit like chrome.

There’s now over 300 designs of mine available on ties at Zazzle!
Drop by and browse the newest and popular and  find  your favourite ties.


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