All Over Printing Shirts with my designs

All over printing shirts now i can offer to the world!

Discovered a new placed, called Original Artist Tee (oARTtee). Why i am a bit excited is cuz they are different than most – offer all over printing on both sides of the garment!  Am adding some of the designs that i have already and discovering all new possibilities of each design i have. Keep checking back to see new designs or check at my various social media haunts (eg: facebook, google+ etc) Webgrrl designs all over printing shirts fashion

Excited at the the possibilities of creativity!


Black Purple Gold Meka series


About the t-shirts info :

  • OARTTEES are made from 100% premium grade interlocked pre-shrunk cotton, graded between 180 to 200 grams per square metre
  • Please note that the fabric will shrink around 1 cm on the first wash and will stabilize that with no more shrinking in subsequent washes.
  • lots more info and how its done at Oarttee { link here }
  • please allow up to 5 weeks in receiving purchase
  • link to all my designs/ my OArtTee all over print Shirt shop

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